Friday, June 12, 2015

Petitions and More, June 12 Yulin, China, next, email the last 2 batches please (new)! US-info. Once more, oppose anti-wildlife riders on the House Appropriations Bill! Protect Cows from sickening Abuse! US, call action! Bill language was introduced in a large budget bill that strips federal protections for wolves in the Great Lakes region (which includes Minnesota) and Wyoming! Austria, we demand better care and working conditions for the Vienna Fiaker Horses!  Deadline June 14! US-info. Pending decision to renew a livestock grazing permit in an expansive allotment in Arizona, partially within the Heber Wild Horse Territory! Request the European Parliament to STOP serving Foie gras! France, messages to support new activists Confederation Paysanne, prosecuted for symbolically removing a part of the farm-factory # 1000vaches! US-info, Dogs and cats used for research, to be made available for adoption; some good news, actions: Nevada, Connecticut, New York, California, New Jersey!  Washington University, end the use of Animals in your Pediatrics Residency Program!  Save Sperm Whales & Sea Turtles from the Secret Massacre off our California Coast! Russia, requesting a revision, amendments initiated by deputy Doronin, of Article 245 of the Criminal Code, in order to actually execute punishment for cruelty to animals and to proactively prevent cases of cruelty! Russia, justice for our brutally murdered dog, under criminal law, and a conviction for trespassing! Turkey, halt the suffering of stray animals! (This dog was crushed by a public bus and left to die by the veterinarian! ) Stop the construction of the new animal research laboratory in Berlin, Germany!  Stop the use of bone crushing traps on federal land! Stop the illegal trade and save the Vaquita! Save the habitat of Australia's much-loved Koalas!   China, end all oil-drilling and railways-building plans that threaten Amazonian rainforests!  Belize Government, protect your Marine Parks from Oil and Gas Mining Standard Chartered: Choose coral, not coal
     ==========  News and more  ========= Against Animal Experiments, use translate please Romania, Spay and Neuter, Mobile Klinik! Incl. English text


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