Monday, June 1, 2015

Petitions and More, June 1 Univ. Tennessee Coll. Medic., stop the use of live animals/pigs! More signatures are welcome!  France, Morlaix: protect the home Poan Ben Cats from being killed! Confirm please Prohibit sale of Lannate, pesticides and other agricultural products that can kill warm blooded animals! Demand Hamilton Township (Mercer County) and Babe Ruth end their plan to kill managed cat colony More signatures please! Protect North Carolina's Red Wolves! Ban on Animals as food & their products in food items;Animal Farming & Use of Animals in Agriculture Obama: make it a felony to leave dogs in the car while people are shopping etc. in all US Speak up for Freedom, Greenpeace India! Major Oil Leak polluting the Gulf of Mexico for over 11 years - hold Taylor Energy accountable!
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