Thursday, April 30, 2015

Yulin, China, letter to the Premier

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Subject: 请您立刻办理

从我看到的研究及报告说明,玉林狗肉节根本是基于腐败. 而当地政府不闻不问,让它随意发生。此外,由于缺乏旨在保护猫狗不受这种虐待的反动物虐待法, 玉林狗肉节在省内外的猫狗身上尽情谋取暴力。


      对于西方人来说, 政府层次显得复杂。但是我希望中国好。很多西方人都希望中国好。

由于缺乏动物的反虐待法, 才出现这个节日及其相关的腐败现象- 这是一个法律漏洞。

当地人宣讲,说吃猫狗肉是他们的文化和传统. 但是应该有约束和限制。为什么要从家庭里偷宠物,在年幼的孩子面前公开虐待和残忍屠杀? 这种不人道的杀害和屠杀无辜的宠物是不利于中国的社会和道德发展的。而且盗贼从家庭里偷猫狗而并不受到惩罚,正义从何而来。

      据悉,这个“节” 是为了刺激地方经济 ,与传统或健康益处无关。 这个所谓的'夏至荔枝狗肉节'只是一些个别企业和个人推出的. 而事实上这个节日不存在。 ” (纽约时报的文章


      先生,为了中国的缘故,请不要让让玉林狗肉节进一步损害中国的声誉。肉玉林狗肉节是建立在腐败和谎言上的节日. 就是一只猫或狗也不应该为此失去其生命. 从损害公众形象角度来看, 相比起中国的利益, 把狗肉和猫肉从节中删除所造成的经济损失要小得多。



--------In recent years China has been in an internal tug-of-war, specifically in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region’s community, between animal rights activists and those supporting the annual YuLIn Dog Meat Festival.  This event celebrates the Summer Solstice on June 21st, where it is reported 4K cats and 10K dogs will be tortured and brutally slaughtered, so their meat can be served up as menu dishes to the local Chinese people. 

My research tells me the YuLin Dog Meat Festival is based on corruption and the local government not stepping in and stopping it from happening.  In addition, it exploits cats and dogs in and around the province, due to the lack of animal anti-cruelty laws, intended to protect cats and dogs from such abuse.

The outside world views China as one enormously large country with a little less than one-third of the world’s population residing there.  Most do not understand that the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region is a self-governing province which has its own local government and legislative rights. 

This is where it gets most complicated for westerners as the governmental hierarchy is not clear.  I wish China well.  Many westerners do.

That is why I am writing to you today.  I believe it’s in China’s best interest to step in and have cat and dog meat permanently removed from the menus during the YuLin Dog Meat Festival.

This festival is based on the lack of animal anti-cruelty laws - a proverbial loophole in the law  which enables this festival to take place - and its associated corruption.

Locals will declare eating cat and dog meat is their culture and tradition, which is fine with restrictions and limitations.  Animal rights activists state there is no need to steal pets from families, torture and openly massacre them in front of young children - this is not good for China’s social and moral development to see such inhumane ways of killing and butchering innocent pets.  Stealing cats and dogs from families leaves them with no sense of justice as there are no consequences to the thieves.

It is reported that the "festival" takes place to boost the local economy - it has nothing to do with tradition or health benefits.  “This so-called ‘Summer Solstice Lychee and Dog Meat Festival’ is just something individual businesses and people have come up with, and in fact this holiday doesn’t exist.” (Second paragraph from the top) Ref:

Finally, countless tourists are afraid to come to China as they are horrified about the reports of the YuLin Dog Meat Festival.  Therefore, these tourists miss out on the splendor of China and its beautiful cities and will not experience it’s rich ancestry and customs, out of fear.

For China’s sake, please don’t make the mistake of letting the YuLin Dog Meat Festival further tarnish China’s reputation.  Not one cat or dog should lose its life for his/her meat to be served during the YuLin Dog Meat Festival, a festival based on corruption and myths.  If dog and cat meat consumption is removed from the festival, the loss is minor compared to the benefits China could realize from a public image perspective. 

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