Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Dog and Cat meat, China, People's Congress Standing Committee of Guangzhou City

If including Cc’s, you have to send both letters together

Subject line: 食安建言 Food Safety Suggestions

Dear People's Congress Standing Committee of Guangzhou City:

First of all, thank you for caring about your people's well being, and for recognizing the crucial role of food safety in our global society.
I would like to urge your office to use this opportunity to enforce your food safety laws (local ordinance No. 57 issued in 2013 by the Guangdong FDA office) to crack down on the illegal dog and cat meat trade in Guangzhou city and in your province.
Beyond being a moral issue, the dog and cat meat trade is unsanitary and dangerous because of the ways in which many of these animals are killed - often by poison - and transported in unsanitary conditions over many miles of terrain, exponentially increasing the risk of the spread of rabies and other contagious diseases.
You should also be aware that the rampant dog and cat meat trade in Guangzhou city has already done serious damage to the province's international image - media reports of the trade continue to adversely affect tourism and commerce, both local and international.
Thank you again for your dedication to improving the health and safety of everyone living in and visiting beautiful Guangdong Province.


 我在此想诚恳的呼吁广东政府能利用这个机会彻底的执行粤食安办 (2013)57号条款来整顿廣州市及全廣东省的非法猫狗肉产业链。


而血腥的猫狗肉市场、当街宰杀、市场售卖活体动物等不文明现像,也将会给广东一个几亟度负面的国际形像 同时也会给旅游、经商经济发展带来无可估量、无法挽回的损失。


Best regards, 

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  1. This is appalling, you really are the most evil race. These are PETS NOT FOOD you savages. I will go out of my way not to buy anything from this cruel, evil country, you are beneath contempt.