Thursday, April 30, 2015

Yulin, China, another newspaper action

To send the letter below:

To Whom It May Concern: 

As a concerned global citizen, an animal rights activist and member of an on-line grass movement to stop the annual YuLin Summer Solstice Dog Meat Festival taking place on June 21st in the Guangxii Zhuang Autonomous Region, of the People's Republic of China, I am writing today to request an investigation, and potential report, on the corruption associated with the Festival.

My knowledge and research tells me this festival, according to the Chinese Constitution, should be forever cancelled due to numerous violations of the Chinese Constitution. 

Here is a list of the various levels of corruption I found connected to the festival:
Here is additional information on the YuLin Dog Meat Festival: 
Here is the link to our FB page:
Finally, if you are not the appropriate individual to receive my request for this story, please would you email me back with the correct contact information

Thank you for your time.



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