Saturday, April 18, 2015

Petitions and More, April 18  US-info. Don't walk away from red wolf recovery! US-Oregon-info. Stop Oregon politicians from delisting Grey Wolves! Stop the Dog massacre in Baku! More signatures please! To send a message, justice for the dog tortured by soldiers, in Turkey!
Stop this Dolphin massacre at the Faroe Isles!
Bolivia, City Council Cochabamba: criminal proceedings and city ordinance against all forms of Animal abuse!
Stop Horse Doping! Germany:  introduction of animal protection group actions at the federal level is essential! More signatures please, Confirm afterwards, ‘Link’! Instead of Animal-testing: please call for the establishment of a central competence center! More signatures! No to the opening/expansion of the breeding centre for 1600 primates for animal experimentation near Strasbourg! As well, and confirm also! As well. Federal Minister Christian Schmidt, take all measures in order to stop the worst torture of animals in slaughterhouses! Peru, No Dolphins as Shark bait! Copy/paste to send your message please!  Protect the Antarctic! Netherlands, Praxis shop, do not sell animals in your stores! Ban this Pesticide. ZIP=5 digits Turkey, since April 12, 2015, our dogs, cats and birds have been poisoned by unidentified people in Çayyolu district of Ankara. We demand that the authorities catch the killers and prevent future events! Protect Public Lands from Anti-Government Extremists Stop Big Oil’s Tar Sands invasion!
     ==========   News and more   =========  Still going. Do you support a repeal of the Fox-hunting ban? Vote NO every day please (54.19 % now)



  1. Many thanks for these lists of petitions ! I'm all signed!