Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Please co-sponsor H.Res. 752 to end the horrific dog and cat meat trade!

Please co-sponsor H.Res. 752 to end the horrific dog and cat meat trade! Emails for the legislative aides of Republican Reps. who have not yet co-sponsored, in Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa and Kansas
From:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/997078533746620/   Citizen Lobbyists for H.Res. 752, to end the dog meat trade.  Other sample letters are provided, adjust, make a few changes etc. please, to make your own
Post in Bcc please:

Lauren.Swing@mail.house.gov, walker.Gallman@mail.house.gov, Nick.Schemmel@mail.house.gov, zellie.Duvall@mail.house.gov, Robert.Burkett@mail.house.gov, sally.Larson@mail.house.gov, Matt.Hodge@mail.house.gov, ryan.Diffley@mail.house.gov, Caryn.Hamner@mail.house.gov, nicholas.Brown@mail.house.gov, susannah.Johnston@mail.house.gov, kyle.Zebley@mail.house.gov, tom.beyer@mail.house.gov, pete.Sanborn@mail.house.gov, amber.Porter@mail.house.gov, craig.Anderson@mail.house.gov,
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Jennifer.Shirley@mail.house.gov, RJ.Layher@mail.house.gov, frank.Santana@mail.house.gov, Doug.Thomas@mail.house.gov, brandon.McKee@mail.house.gov, Zach.Silberman@mail.house.gov, JT.Mackey@mail.house.gov, Maryellen.Richardson@mail.house.gov, mercy.Goddard@mail.house.gov, jeff.Billman@mail.house.gov, hannah.Schiller@mail.house.gov, jim.Goldenstein@mail.house.gov,
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kyle.Thompson@mail.house.gov, Suanne.Edmiston@mail.house.gov,
michael.brooks@mail.house.gov, reagan.Thompson@mail.house.gov, christian.Rodrick@mail.house.gov, Jeffrey.Levicki@mail.house.gov, adam.York@mail.house.gov, Emily.Minick@mail.house.gov, Juliana.Heerschap@mail.house.gov,

Subject: Please co-sponsor H.Res. 752 to end the horrific dog and cat meat trade!

Sir, madam:
Please support House Resolution 752,  condemning China's horrific dog meat trade and the annual dog meat 'festival' in Yulin.
More than 10 million dogs and cats are sadistically tortured and slaughtered each year, many of which are stolen pets with their collars still on.
They are squeezed into cages,  legs are deliberately broken, transported hundreds to thousands of miles in these cages so small they can hardly breathe, on top of each other.
They are given no food nor water during these trips to the slaughterhouses.
Many don’t survive these transports. They are the lucky ones!
When they are ready for slaughter they are tortured in the most barbaric, sadistic way possible, to have more adrenaline released, in front of other dogs and cats, awaiting the same fate.
They are nailed to walls to be dismembered; boiled, skinned, and blow torched, while being conscious and alive!
Please be humane and give your support to at least make a start to try to end these tortures!
Just a few examples:
Thank you for your attention.



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