Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Brazil: Help Outlaw Brazil’s Extremely Cruel Rodeos!





Subject: Brazil: Help Outlaw Brazil’s Extremely Cruel Rodeos!

Dear Senators,
Dear Embassadors:

Brazil's Supreme Federal Court made the right decision when it banned vaquejada, sparing bulls the unconscionable terror and torment of being chased around an arena, pinned between two horses, violently yanked by their tails (which are sometimes even torn off), and forced to the ground on their backs--often causing fatal injuries.

The Vaquejada is a particularly cruel rodeo which takes place in the northern Brazil, where a lot of cash money exchanges hands, as senators and other officials turn a blind eye. 

In opposition to the Supreme Court ruling, the senate judged that the Vauejada is culture and sport.

Throughout the event, young bulls have their tail torn off, or their legs or neck broken. 

Horses are also injured in large numbers, becoming mutilated when ridden into terrified bulls.

I understand that the decision has been rejected by five ministers voted for maintaining the Vaquejada; they consider it as a piece of cultural heritage that should be preserved......

Also a group of vaqueiros [cowboys] protested Tuesday (Oct. 11) in Brasília against the Supreme Court's decision, which ruled illegal the vaquejada in the country.

They are now lobbying for vaquejada to be constitutionally protected under the guise of cultural heritage.

In view of Article 225 of your Federal Constitution, § 1, VII, it is for the Government the duty to protect fauna and flora, with the prohibition, according to the law, of practices that 'endanger their ecological function, cause the extinction of species or subject animals to cruelty!'

Abusing animals is wrong and does not bring honor to any culture. 
We can not allow the cultural claim to override the collective and common interest in animal welfare. 

Practices such as rodeio, vaquejadas and their activities are inherently cruel and should be banned in the country.

Please continue to protect bulls by upholding the ban on vaquejada. 
Veto the PLC 24/2016, thus participating in building a more compassionate society, less violent and fairer for everyone! 


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