Friday, November 11, 2016

Nr.6. Please review, support, and submit House Resolution 752, condemning the Dog and Cat meat trade, to House Speaker Ryan for a vote on the floor!  Citizen Lobbyists for H.Res. 752, to condemn and end the dog meat trade. 
Emails to the Members of the Foreign Affairs Committee who have not yet co-sponsored.  Another sample letter; if possible, make a few changes in the text 
Subject:  Please review, support, and submit House Resolution 752, condemning the barbaric Dog and Cat meat trade, to House Speaker Ryan for a vote on the floor!  
Only in Bcc:

Dear Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee,
Sir, Madam: 

I am urging you to please review, support, and submit House Resolution 752 to House Speaker Ryan for a vote on the floor!  

House Resolution 752, introduced by Congressman Alcee L. Hastings, is asking your support in opposing the barbaric Yulin dog-eating Festival" (June 21 of each year), the horrific dog and cat meat trade in Asia, and, most importantly, the unspeakable cruelty to these animals involved!

Please keep in mind, this Resolution is not about different cultural practices (eating dogs vs eating cows), but instead about the deliberate torturing of dogs and cats for completely unfounded medicinal beliefs, specifically for bogus Viagra.

At least 10 million dogs and cats are killed in China, for their meat, their skin and their fur .

These animals, many of which are stolen pets, are crammed into the smallest cages for transport, not fed or hydrated and then intentionally tortured (dismembered, boiled, electrocuted, and skinned) all while conscious before being killed!

All of this intentional torture takes place because of the superstition, promoted by the dogmeat traders, that the more pain these animals endure, the more virility the meat provides to those who consume them.

As human beings with voices, we have a responsibility to intervene and to prevent all sentient, defenseless creatures from this kind of horror.

Attached to this email are only 3 (video) links, to convey to you  the seriousness of what is taking place in Asia, and the urgency of co-sponsoring this bill, H.Res 752

For more information on the dog meat trade in Asia in general, please take a look at the website and Facebook page of a true American hero, Marc Ching, who is  risking his life every year to fight against the Yulin Festival and the barbaric dog meat trade in person.

His Facebook page is:    and his foundation’s website: 

Thank you for taking the time to read the information provided.

I’m eagerly waiting to hear your thoughts, feedback and ultimate decision regarding the support of Resolution 752!
Thank you.


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