Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Jacksonville, sister city to Changwon S. Korea, where dogs and cats are illegally tortured and eaten!

Telephone message is to be used as well in your email; just change lines, or words, or use the petition text.
Further actions possible via Fb, Twitter, or phone, or mail

Dear Mayor Curry,
City Council members:
Below are just 2 links from video's about S. Korea's brutal dog meat industry:
Please inform yourselves about these in fact illegal activities, horrendous cruelty committed every day, towards stolen pets and dogs bred in filthy cages, tortured deliberately and eaten! 
Do you think that Jacksonville should be a Sister city to any city that doesn't take any actions against these barbaric cruelties?
I urge you to please transmit a message to Mayor Sang-Soo Ahn of Changwon, to start closing down all these illegal dog farms, and slaughterhouses, run by sadists, markets, truckers, and restaurants that serve these animal products.
An online petition calling for your support in helping to end the horrendous South Korean dog and cat meat cruelty is in progress, please take notice:
If possible, please let me know what your feelings and thoughts are concerning this  subject, too often avoided to speak about!
Thank you.

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