Monday, February 8, 2016

Petitions and More, February 8 Needs more attention. Close down Camarles primate breeding and supply farm in Spain, and request that Air France and Aeronova cease transporting primates for the purpose of research!   Once more. Speak out against the cruel dog meat trade!
Needs more signatures!
More signatures needed. UNESCO, reject any application for registration to the PCI Humanity of any activity generating abuse and torture of Greyhounds, including hunting with Galgos and Podencos, Spain!
Uruguay. Prohibit the sale of live animals on all fairs/markets Once more. Sign for a fur-free Netherlands! Actions to take (once more) Once more. US-info. Help Safeguard Our National Wildlife Refuges Romania. Reveal the truth, Kola Kariola Shelter! Reveal the documents on the MDPA's public page since the shelter was opened. Confirm please (evtl. spambox)! Ingresa, login first. Peticiones. Choose your language. After signing, go back to 'Petitions', scroll down for the other Petitions Russia. Adopt a Law prohibiting the mass killings of street dogs and puppies in the Samara region! Russia. Stop killing animals in the dogpounds of Chelyabinsk; begin to transfer them into the shelters who are willing to take them, to be sterilized, vaccinated and eventually adopted! Brazil. Patos. Construct an Animal Center, respect the lives of animals, treat them, put them up for adoption; approve animal protection laws; partner with Veterinary UFCG; permanent educational campaigns Argentina. Campana. Stop the blood drive for Horses, replace them and transfer the horses to sanctuaries managed by animal protection organizations Russia. Smolensk. Punish according to the law, for throwing his dog from the 5th floor; institute criminal proceedings acc. to Criminal Code 245, animal cruelty! Demanding an Universal declaration of animal rights in Venezuela Russia. Prohibit live chicks grinding in meat grinders at poultry farms!
Teguise. Ban Cockfighting
            =======   News and more   ======= Wildlife Defence League crew in the field, attempting to monitor, document and expose the BC wolf cull


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