Thursday, February 4, 2016

Petitions and More, February 4  Mr. Chen Wu, Yulin Governor, urgent: Stop The Yulin Dog & Cat Festival, Save Thousands Of Animals Now! US. Call and ask your US Senator to oppose amendments and bills that undermine the Endangered Species Act. Ask your senator to oppose legislation that removes protections for the gray wolf and other species and to oppose weakening federal agencies’ enforcement of the ESA Tasmania only. Int.: post a message in for Will Hodgman, Premier of Tasmania Poland. We call for the removal of Polish horses from the list of animals for slaughter and to give them the status of a companion animal We demand that the consumers wishes are respected. Honestly show the reality in Swiss farms, not hidden behind marketing campaigns Belgium. Neglected and injured minks in a former brickfactory in Langemark, it’s a true hell for animals. We demand closure  Ingresa/login first. Peticiones. Choose your language. After signing, go back to 'Petitions', scroll down for the other Petitions Senator Ruston, ban the monster trawlers Turkey. Punishment for this mother, allowing her child to torture this cat!  Spain. Andalucia. Alcaucin, Málaga. Justice for Nanou and Lulu, tortured and killed in retaliation for filing a complaint against a hunter YouTube: immediate removal of video’s showing torturing dogs or other animals, do not allow this! 
Mexico. Cancel bullfights Spain. Withdraw the fine for animal association Bizkaia, Aprova, sanctioned by the Provincial Council of Bizkaia with 3,600 euros after acting and taking charge of three horses and a donkey , confiscated by the Ertzaintza in Barakaldo, being abused by its owner Colombia. Cali. No more horses as pack animals in Cali, give an alternative, and a  decent life for the horses, to live in the countryside Argentina. Provincial Wildlife Chubut, release the Puma found in Trelew, and other Puma’s,  in the Los Alerces National Park Mexico. Zoo improvements are sought, not profit, says a group of Tizimín, regretting the fact that others, non-specialists, are managing the zoo instead of the council; asking to reconsider Russia. Stop animal abuse in the recreation center "Tsitsa"; the wild animals live in cramped and filthy cages and are in constant stress The Netherlands. Higher penalties for animal abusers!
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