Saturday, February 6, 2016

Petitions and More, February 6 European Union, impose a total ban on animal testing for the development of cleaning products, including their ingredients, as is already in effect for cosmetic products!
Ingresa, login first. Peticiones. Choose your language. After signing, go back to 'Petitions', scroll down for the other Petitions Spain. Ask the City Council not to let the Abanto Zierbena stray cats die! Use the phone, Fb, Tw, email, to protest! Implement the CES/TNR method to solve the problem! Russia. Ventilation in the basements of apartment buildings; allow at least one air hole open for free exit for the Cats! Russia. 80% of the population of the Russian Federation is asking public response from the Presidential administration of Vladimir Putin, on the question:  "Why are all the animal protection initiatives and bills, proposed by the people, media, and even the police REJECTED either personally by the President, or the deputies of the State Duma? Ukraine. Stop illegal and unwarranted killing of dogs in the city of Mariupol! Colombia. Cali Valle del Cauca. Prosecute Douglas Panama and his family for torturing a stray Dog to death! Spain. Pego. City Hall, Council: Buy the current field and take over maintenance costs and staff, or: Provide other land and build there the new shelter as promised in April 2015! Spain.  Please prevent the killing of 135 rescued apes in the Rainfer Center, help them financially, it is in an economic situation review! France. Security and justice for the Cats of Montady, investigate and prosecute the perpetrators, and let them pay the bills as well! Argentina. For a National Act of Prohibition of animal (Horse) traction, blood drive, ensuring the fate of the replaced animals, housing them with respect in places specifically designed for that purpose with veterinary care and security Argentina. Create an Animal Police Unit, to receive complaints about animal abuse, channeling them and act on them; apply Law 14,346! Italy. National headquarters of ENPA wants to close the rescued animals oasis Mutina Animalia ENPA of MODENA and transfer all the animals to the company  Caserta, protest please Another massacre by the Saudi interior minister in Algeria, to hunt bustard, an endangered bird, or a protected gazelle, fennec, prohibited by Algerian law, but the authorities turn a blind eye Support the creation of a protected nature park Stop The Torture of Greyhounds in Spain Tell Chris Christie and New Hampshire -- Don't Slaughter Bobcats I Stand with El Jefe, America's Only Wild Jaguar Italy. San Giustino (Pg) Paul Fatini. Let's save the Liliana dogs, withdraw the order of removal of the dogs, dated Febr. 4 2016 Needs more signatures. Obama: Please order USDA and the Department of Energy to remove headers from El Yunque Rai
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