Monday, February 22, 2016

Petitions and More, February 22 Tell the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service it must act to protect El Jefe,  America's only Wild Jaguar, and his critical habitat!  The monster trawler has just caught a whale shark  Ingresa, login first. Peticiones. Choose your language. After signing, go back to 'Petitions', scroll down for the other Petitions Belgium. The controversial plan of conveyors H. Essers, to expand into a European protected area in Genk, was approved. Council of State: save the Essers forest! Romania. We demand the immediate dismissal of the Director of ASPA Bucharest, Bogdan Treeroiu, because of the disastrous way in which the public funds have been spent, also to "solve the stray dog population problem” in Bucharest (by killing) ; refusal of the spay and neuter method, as a long time solution! Italy. No to the extermination of wolves! Russia. Stop the illegal practice of killing animals in Krasnodar! Russia. Novosibirsk Region. Graytful dog 'kennel' of Anna Sannikova: dogs die of hunger; criminal case under articles 159 and 245 of the Criminal Code. Remove the animals from this house! Russia. Irkutsk. Punish those responsible for the death of 40 Cows, no food, no water, no veterinarian care! Russia. Find these inhumane creatures who blew up a cat; toughen criminal penalties for cruelty to animals! Russia. Punish those responsible for the brutal torture and massacre of animals under the law! Russia. Help to find and punish the perpetrators of animal cruelty (art. 245, part 2 of the Criminal Code)! Russia. Help punish those responsible for the brutal murder and butchering of the unfortunate dog! Cruelty and sadism - it's not normal! Argentina. Tucuman. Demand that the Catholic church stops it's violence towards Animals! Facebook, block Jorge Garcia de la Peña Castillo, Spain, in the business of hunting and torturing animals, and posting this Argentina. Arrest the man who killed the young dolphin at Santa Teresita Argentina. Ministry of Environment, denounce the criminal "ranger" who works as a guide for hunters. This activity is completely incompatible with ranger functions, the state should protect wildlife and punish those who violate laws! Brazil. Introduce free of charge castrations and vaccinations for dogs and cats Ban Declawing cats in the state of Kansas & Missouri Spain. For an Alcañiz free from Animal Abuse, Bullfighting! France. No the the killing of 4 wolfhounds  surrounded by their family, with 5 other dogs, in their home; their conduct has always been exemplary! France. Animals are not objects. Bon Coin, it's unacceptable that you allow ads for pets to give away or to sell! Slovenia. Do not ignore that the International Convention of the EU for the Protection of pet Animals confers to them the legal status of "sentient being" Protect One of Colombia's Last Indigenous Groups from Mining Development
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