Saturday, May 9, 2015

Petitions and More, May 9 Yulin, China, festival of Cruelty! Stop the Brutality! Vietnam Congress, end dog theft, cruel treatment and slaughter! Needs 1000.000 signatures! Full name, email, city, refresh sum! Translation Urgent! Oppose Cattle Grazing near Wild Horse Area, Arizona! ZIP=5 digits US-info. Maintain protections for Gray Wolves in Oregon! US-info. Support the Refuge from Cruel trapping Act! Stop mega-development threatening the Grand Canyon! Int. US-info. Stop selling Bee-killing pesticides! India, Lucknow, remove AK Rao for the cruel brutality committed by him towards helpless dogs and cattle! Russia, we can not tolerate that our dogs and cats are eaten in China, Korea and Vietnam! Russia, Cheboksary, Novocheboksarsk, stop your tender for catching and disposing of stray Animals! Spend the funds on a neutering program! Russia, stop the widespread, brutal killing of stray Dogs, adopt the Federal Animal Protection Law! Russia, Khabarovsk, an end to the mass terror towards our (companion) Animals! Russia, Omsk City Hall, do not kill stray animals, build a shelter! Russia, Perm city, region: end the murdering of homeless Animals! Russia, stop he massacre of Dogs and Cats in Minsk! Russia, Bryansk, have this man punished for Cruelty towards Cats! Russia, Volgograd, help the homeless Animals! Stop the massacre of Dolphins, black Grinds, in the Faroe Islands! Russia, stop the destruction of the (Russian) Himalayan Bear population in the far-East! Russia, forbid shooting Bears in Bashkortostan! Russia, more control over wild animals in captivity and the prevention of killing them! Russia, protect valuable natural areas near Moscow Russia, punishment for shooting Squirrels on Elagin island Turkey, Islands, ban the entrance of motorized vehicles from outside, killing our animals! Help Save the Last Forest on Earth where Tigers, Elephants, Rhinos and Orangutans Exist Together
              ===========  News and more   ========  Still going. Do you support a repeal of the Fox-hunting ban? Vote NO every day please (55.02 % now)  Poll, also still active, should hunters be allowed to hunt ‘stray pets’? No please! Only 55,6 % now!


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