Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Petitions and More, May 6  Pel-Freez Arkansas LLC France, the Coalition for Felines/SPA are in a desperate situation! New petitions to sign please! State Duma, Ban the Burning of Grass! First, last name, email, .. US-info, Co-sponsor America’s Red Rock Wilderness Act! Statement on the Environment Against the Dog meat ‘festivals’ in China. Target Haytap Animal protection (and 2 others) Russia, Krasnodar, punishment for the hanging on hooks of a large dog and raccoon dog! Russia, stop the animal abuse, carry out an investigation at and monitor the shelter ‘Perspective’! Dagestan, Makhachkala, order the immediate construction of insulated shelters for homeless and sick animals! South Korea, ‘Gold Mink”, please stop selling Fur! Northeastern University: Don't Fund Animal Fighting With Taxpayers' Dollars! Urge Indonesia to take urgent action to stop the Sumatran Tiger from going extinct - just 300 left! Ban a giant Freezer Trawler killing Dolphins and Seals! Don't Let Seaport Construction Harm Endangered Dolphins! Tell Texas Hotel to Apologize for Birds Thrown in Dumpster!
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