Thursday, March 26, 2015

Urgent! President of Romania, prevent a new massacre of abandoned Dogs in Breasta, Craiova!

From Chantal B., thank you for the letter!

To :

President Of Romania
Klaus Johannis

Dear Sir,

I am shocked to read that dogs will be murdered in the Breasta Public Shelter this coming weekend - March 28-29

This is utterly barbaric!
Hundreds of thousands of pounds are flooding into Romania from the Eu, supposedly to be used for spaying/neutering programmes for the stray dogs
Instead it is being pocketed by corrupt officials who think it is easier and cheaper to bludgeon thousands of dogs to death, starting this weekend in Breasta Public Shelter.

I urge the new President to act swiftly to stop the afore mentioned action.

I also ask the President to adopt a law for a stray dog management through:

-       Implementing a national Neuter & Return program

-       Financing the program for microchipping and neutering the owned dogs

-       Stopping corruption with effective and permanent control of the activity of the Stray dog Services and replacing the operators with   uncorrupt operators

Romania is part of the EU now , so please abide by EU rules.
Protecting animals is neither stupid or childish; it is not only a duty, but first and foremost an act of humanity!
Don't show yourselves up by going back to the dark ages and killing creatures who cannot speak up for themselves.



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