Monday, March 9, 2015

Petitions and More, March 9 Airlines from Turkey now refuse or make it nearly impossible to transport rescued, adopted dogs; please sign and politely protest via Confirm signature please! Stop the barbaric mass killing of stray dogs in Tirana, Albania!  Several actions needing more attention! Russia, Syktyvkar, take control of a criminal case, Cruelty to Animals (Art. 245 h. 1 of the Criminal Code) and bring those responsible to justice! Indonesia, Stop Animal Cruelty towards Animals! Target.... Wasting a lot of funds on a vendetta against the dog owner of Beau! Stop cruel animal testings at the University in Bremen and at the Max-Planck Institute Tübingen/Germany Europe complains - TOGETHER against animal suffering in the EU! As well
                        =======   News and more   ========= Should hunting with dogs and snares be banned by Stormont? Vote YES please! Second poll! Please vote: NO, the hunt ban should not be lifted! Do you vote for animal rights in Europe? Yes of course!

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