Thursday, March 19, 2015

Petitions and More, March 19 Germany, Protest against the manipulation of school kids by meat corporations, camouflaged as ‘teaching materials’! First, last name, email  No to the felling of millions of trees in Brazil! Russian Federation, We demand an end to the barbaric slaughter of stray animals in the city of Chita, in flagrant violation of Article 245 of the Criminal Code, ordered by the Governor of the Trans-Baikal region!! Protest! Karl Lagerfeld, in collaboration with Fendi brand, just announced the first show of "high fur" in July in Paris! For an Animal shelter for strays, run by volunteers, in Spaton-Artemidos, Greece Charge Judy Thornsberry with animal cruelty Congress, don’t give away our national forests Stop unlimited political contributions
                          ==========  News and more   ========== Nov. 2011, Alaskan Grizzlies and Wolves fishing salmon side by side


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