Friday, March 20, 2015

Petitions and More, March 20 Scroll down please, Azerbaijan, STOP the mass culling of stray animals and adopt a civil method to reduce strays! Copy/paste in your email to send US-info. USDA, Improve Live Animals Export Rules! UK only! To check, and to forward a template email US-info. Urge Gov. Bullock to Veto HB 194, veto another attempt by special interests to block the restoration of wild bison in Montana! US-info, Missouri, Colorado, New Mexico or Washington, take action please! No Uranium mine at Kintyre. ZIP=5 digits Ask Edinburgh Zoo to Drop Plans for Irresponsible 'Zoo Nights' Spain, City of Guadalix de la Sierra, Do not allow the "feast of quitos" animals (cats, chickens, roosters) being killed and letting them rot in a sewer France, Amiens, Justice for this tortured, hanged Dog! Needs more signatures
Argentina, Rio Negro, NO to the killing of cougars and foxes! Japan, "Monday, vegetarian day" once a week, please provide the only vegetarian menu on Monday! Provide protection for the Snubfin Dolphin!
                 ==========   News and more   ========== Vote YES please: Should animal abusers be placed on a registry?


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