Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Petitions and More, January 6

Germany, Federal Constitutional Court: change the Animal Welfare Act, animals should not be considered being a "thing" under goods Tweet action Jan. 6th. Boycott Cambridge to end animal experiments Japan and the US are plowing ahead with constructing a new air base in Japan's Henoko Bay, threatening to destroy the last refuge of the critically endangered Okinawa dugong and many more species  Peticiones. Choose your language. Firm, ingresa / login first.After signing, go back to 'Petitions', scroll down for the other Petitions France. Prohibit the keeping of animals by the farm owner in Crupilly (Aisne). Confirm please Ask the primatology center of Fort Foch to sign an ethics agreement for laboratory monkeys! Italy. Nuoro, two fishermen caught a seagull and blew him up with a firecracker tied around his neck . Confirm  Register/login Petitions to sign  Very cumbersome  Complete the work and compliance with the Ordinance which allocated 30 hectares of land to the Municipality of Paipa to build a Biopark Philippines, justice for this puppy, beaten to death! Russia. Stop animal abuse! Let the killer be punished! Russia. Island of Iturup. Justice for a brown bear, punish those responsible according to the law of the Russian Federation Russia. Equate abandonment of pets to animal cruelty under article 245 of the Criminal Code! Russia. Punish Yuri Vanin resident of Mordovia Insar for brutal shooting of the dog Russia. Demanding the return of ketamine for veterinary use Russia. Rostov-on-Don. Provide land for the construction of a new shelter for homeless animals Russia. Prohibit the construction of sable farm near Tver Transform vet offices in the province of Bs. Aires according to WHO guidelines, (for free castrations) and against animal diseases Italy. City of Mount Compass: the fun of some should not become a torture for others  Ramabhadran of Thiruvambady Temple,  54 year old elephant must be send immediately to a sanctuary where his wounds can be treated properly! Don't Rip Out The Laws That Protect Our Reef
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