Saturday, January 2, 2016

Petitions and More, January 2 2016 US-info. End of Orca Captivity in Sight, support the ORCA Act If not signed yet. Incl. English text. In Defense of the Children, Animal Welfare and of the Azores – Street Bullfights can NOT be Immaterial Cultural Heritage! Germany. Maximum penalty for the 4 cat-torturers from Torgau! Confirm please Germany. Restriction / prohibition of fireworks in the private sector. On behalf of the Animals, Environment and Health Peticiones. Choose your language. Firma, ingresa/login first. After signing, go back to ‘petitions’, scroll down for the others petitions Update, and still in need of more signatures! Romania, Protection for the dogs in the Public Dogpound Targu Jiu, intolerable conditions! Russia. We demand a full check on a death camp for homeless animals in MO Karluqs Irkutsk region and on all organizations associated with it, on budget spending, corruption and organized crime! Russia. Toughen the law on Animal abuse! Russia. Duma, Police: Investigate, prosecute for the brutal killing/poisoning of horses in Podolsk, and toughen punishment! Turkey. Marmaris. Do something to stop the poisoning of Animals! Brazil.  Brazil. Gov., University of Viçosa. Do NOT kill the Dogs used for experiments! Spain. Madrid. Allow sheltering (and care) for stray cats (will be fined now) Argentina. Let’s be united in defending animals, the voiceless Argentina, Buenos Aires, Judge Valeria Perez Casado, we demand the release of locked up stray chickens in cresta roja, abandoned and doomed to die! Spain. Pozuelo de Alarcón. No more bullfights paid for with public money!
'Stewa Spain. ‘Steward of Gondor', remove the Rammas Echor to protect the world from animal killing/spearing sprees, like the Tordesillas .... Guatemala. We need laws that punish cruelty to animals and will protect animals Argentina. Prov. of Buenos Aires. Approve subsidy or collaborate/support animal shelters that do everything to improve the abandoned animals situation Nat. Geo: We ask you to stop animals-killing based form of entertainment and not repropose them in the next years (incl. English text)  Argentina. Save Punta Rasasave, we request that free passage is closed to the public and have this area declared as world heritage (migratory birds)
Colombia. Flor Marina Garzón Navarrete Liberal Party candidate deserves jail for killing a dog by car, just looked at it Chile. La Serena. No more public money spending on fireworks in La Serena Urge the Australian Government to Ban Scientific Research Experiments on Dogs!  Breeder abandoned animals in dead of winter to die! And send a message please Urge the Government of Bangladesh to Stop a Coal Plant From Being Built Near the World's Largest Mangrove Forest  Demand Justice for a Tiger that was Shot and Killed after Escaping From a Park Demand the Japanese Government Cracks Down on the Illegal Ivory Trade Which is Fuelling the Killing of African Elephants Urge the Scottish Government to Increase Controls on Sporting Estates to Ensure the Protection of Birds of Prey Unsafe link? Demand Congress Change Superfund Laws that Let Companies Delay Toxic Cleanup! Urge the Government to Create Incentives to Attract Corporate and Philanthropic Funding to Help Save the Great Barrier Reef
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