Saturday, March 2, 2019

Petitions and More, March 2

--  Seoul Gangseo-gu, South Korea, Shut down the illegal dog meat farms, slaughterhouses, markets and restaurants! Please send a message, tweet, post on their Fb pages or send a pm
--   Seoul Guro-gu, South Korea, Shut down the illegal dog meat farms, slaughterhouses, markets and restaurants! Email, tweet and/or send a message via their Fb pages, if possible
----------------------------------------- Tweets, end the dcmt in China and S. Korea 12 Tweets, Boycott the wds in barbaric China!  The monthly tweet to India. Stop the illegal and cruel dog and cat meat trade! Tweet, 50 animals died in pain so Rihanna could wear this gigantic fur coat !  Tweet, this trophy hunter, Franchesca Esplin of Colorado, killed another precious mountain lion! Please ask these (new) Reps to cosponsor HR961 against horse slaughter and export for slaughter abroad!  Tweets for the Safe Act, HR 961, protect America’s horses from slaughter! Plus other tweets Take action for a UK dog and cat meat ban!
-----------------------  Against lifting the ban on hunting Elephants in Botswana!;jsessionid=00000000.app274a?pagename=homepage&page=UserAction&id=1138 Ask Brown Alpert Medical School to End the Use of Live Animals for Medical Training! UK-info. Ask your MP to help end warfare experiments on animals! Make grey squirrel rescue exempt from Invasive Alien Species Order 2019! To confirm  Canada-info. Tell Fisheries Committee to Swiftly Pass Whale & Dolphin Captivity Ban Stop the spread of underwater noise in the Arctic Roughly 43 hectares of Crown land, including some of the biggest and best trees, remain unprotected and could one day be logged; deadline March 4th France. Despite its commitments, the State has still not paid all the aid promised since 2016, thus putting thousands of organic farmers in difficulties. To confirm France.  For poisoning, killing so many innocent animals, pets and wildlife, during so many years, let justice be done! Apply maximum penalties as an example for other killers across France! Russia. Moscow region, Yegoryevsk. Law enforcement agencies, save these dogs from Terekhov Lydia Vladimirovna, kept under horrific conditions, fed with cats! Protect Cats From Cruelty and Suffering by Making Declawing Illegal Demand charges be brought against Mike zadrozny for Beating his neighbors three-year-old German Shepherd to death. No target Stop Australia Dumping 1 Million Tonnes of Sludge in the Great Barrier Reef
                                            ==========   News and more  =========
-  China. First click on the (second) Upper Box at your RIGHT!  Vote for Nr 1 and now Nr 2  !  Nr. 1: NPC deputies suggested that legislation strictly defines and punishes the abuse of animals. Now more than 2703292 votes.
Nr. 2:  NPC deputy Zhu Lieyu: The abuse of animals has become increasingly fierce. Suggested punishment. More than 2703266 votes now. Every 24 hours
-   Changed, please vote for Nr. 1 now, SECOND PAGE! China. Takes a while. Drag it up while clicking on the red hand or grey lining, to the SECOND page! Vote for Nr. 1, now more than 3905429 votes. Zhu Lieyu: Maltreatment of animals recommended for penalty's for public security administration . Every 24 hours -------------


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