Thursday, September 27, 2018

Petitions and More, Sept. 27  Chuncheon, South Korea, Shut down the illegal dog meat farms, slaughterhouses and markets! Send an email, post on their Fb pages (in Korean, use translate) and tweet! Retweets. S. Korea. Urging the ban on dog and cat slaughter and torture, stop these atrocities!  Ask these Senators to Cosponsor the SAFE Act and to urge Chairman Lamar Alexander of the Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions to Mark up and Review S.1706 and help move it to a Vote! Retweets, GOP tries to weaken the Endangered Species Act after Grizzly hunts are halted! US. Call 1(847)242-6348 and ask your Rep to Vote NO on the 9 Bills which would Weaken the Endangered Species Act ! US. To stop this threat, it's crucial that you call your U.S. Representative immediately and tell them that you want wolves and grizzly bears protected under the Endangered Species Act! UK-info. We’re counting on your MP to speak up for horses at a historic debate on race horse welfare taking place in Parliament on Monday 15 October ZIP=5 digits. Secr. Zinke: Stop the assault on the Endangered Species Act and protect our vulnerable wildlife! Stop the hastily, massive, excessive slaughter for sanitary reasons in Belgium and elsewhere! To confirm Once more. Stop the horror behind the palm trees, Stop the atrocities (deep wounds, mutilations, tortures, acid attacks) committed on animals , particularly dogs. and cats in the French overseas departments or regions (DROM)! Once more. France. Let residents of retirement homes keep their pets!
France. Do not let nature and our health get ruined by hunting! Stop the use of lead bullets. To confirm Save the soul of the Alps in Europe for nature, animals and humans, protect the last alpine open spaces from large-scale development! To confirm Ace Hardware: Stop selling deadly paint strippers immediately France. Increase the penalties for animal abuse, without reprieve! Justice for Benito, punish his cruel adopters! Mexico. Rescue these horses treated with cruelty in DIF Atizapan !  Urgent! We need to collect 5000 signatures, to save the neutered and cared-for Cats of the Roman Theater of Zaragoza from harassment caused by the demolition; they are suffering and will be evicted! Russia. Punish people who kill and abuse animals by law Prohibit abuse of animals in Russia For a ban on circuses with animals For a Public hospital with 24-hour operation, equipped with two operating rooms, one exclusive for castration, an ambulatory and a dental office for animals Indonesia. Decline P92 / 2018 and Return the Protection Status for these 5 Bird species Moscow region. Help save these puppies from the cold and hunger in Moscow Kitten Found Starved, Shaved and Testicles Cut With Scissors! Justice For The 5 Elephants Who Lost Their Lives At The Rajamaha Viharaya Buddhist Temple in Sri Lanka
                                                     ==========   News and more  =========  China. First click on the Upper Box at your RIGHT!  Vote for Nr 1 and now Nr 2  !  Nr. 1: NPC deputies suggested that legislation strictly defines and punishes the abuse of animals. Now circa 1768419 votes.
Nr. 2:  NPC deputy Zhu Lieyu: The abuse of animals has become increasingly fierce. Suggested punishment. Circa 1765917 votes now. Every 24 hours  =====  Changed, please vote for NR 2, SECOND PAGE! China. Takes a while. Drag it up while clicking on the red hand or grey lining, to the SECOND page! Vote for Nr. 2  , now circa 2960098 votes. Zhu Lieyu: Maltreatment of animals recommended for penalties for public security administration . Every 24 hours  ====== Poll: Should New Jersey Ban Bear Hunting? Vote Yes please! Up to 64,25 % now


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