Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Petitions and More, August 8

After signing a petition, please right-click on the upper arrow pointing to the left, and choose the list again to continue  China. Very important and urgent, please share as much as possible! Needs 3 Million signatures, a Joint Petition to Urge the HK Regional Committee of CPPCC to Ban Dog-and-Cat-Eating in China!  To send a message, copy/paste.  Seogwipo, Jeju Special Self-Governing Provincial Council members. And post on Fb, send a tweet  ---------  Email (copy/paste), post a message on Fb, tweet: Daegu, S. Korea ------ Retweets for HRes401 and a few other tweets US-info. Cosponsor and do all that you can to push for the passage of the Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act, H.R. 113/S. 1706. I am against the cruel slaughter of American horses! Petition to the EU: Ban the import of PMSG! Against Cruel Blood Farms with Horses! Monitor carcass disposal facilities - punish animal cruelty! Needs 25,000 signatures Please stop the bloody whale slaughter! Help Get Cow and Buffalo Milk Labelled 'Non-Vegetarian' Needs more attention! Stop the cruel fox hunt in Switzerland  Please Stop Sponsoring the Deadly Iditarod Once more, deadline August 10. Former research chimpanzees deserve to enjoy their freedom from research institutions  Contact Minister Niall Blair, and ask him to take action to save hundreds of innocent marine animals from slow, agonising deaths drowning in the nets Tesco, drop Hogwood Horror Farm! Protest! Santa Cruz da Graciosa continues to invest in animal torture with the connivance of the Church and the Regional Government of the Azores! Stop lawlessness, and brutal killing of animals in the Crimean Safari Park "Taigan"! Asking for support. Russia. Construction of the Center for Assistance to Homeless Animals "Merry Tails". Everyone can help! Reform "General Wildlife Law" for the protection of dolphins in Quintana Roo Official support is needed for a cat shelter in Tui Russia. Increase the permissible weight of animals transported in the cabin of the aircraft, as far as possible France. Preserve the forest of the Corniche des forts located 2 km from Paris France. "NO" to the free trade agreement with Mercosur for the ‘defense’ of our farmers Stop Trump's latest assault on the ESA! 119 Animals Have Died at Buenos Aires EcoPark Irish Spring the Horse Died Due to Racing Injuries - End Horse Racing Now! Protect Elephants this World Elephant Day: Don't get taken for a ride  We demand that the pet stores in South park mall, (Pick of the Litter and Pet Land) located in Strongsville Ohio be shut down
                                                     ==========   News and more  =========  China. First click on the Upper Box at your RIGHT!  Vote for Nr 1 and now Nr 2  !  Nr. 1: NPC deputies suggested that legislation strictly defines and punishes the abuse of animals. Now circa 1424438 votes.
Nr. 2:  NPC deputy Zhu Lieyu: The abuse of animals has become increasingly fierce. Suggested punishment. Circa 1423480 votes now. Every 24 hours-------  Changed, please vote for NR 2, SECOND PAGE! China. Takes a while. Drag it up while clicking on the red hand or grey lining, to the SECOND page! Vote for Nr. 2 ! , now circa 2619426 votes. Zhu Lieyu: Maltreatment of animals recommended for penalties for public security administration . Every 24 hours   --------------

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