Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Petitions and More, August 15

After signing a petition please right click on the upper arrow pointing to your left and choose the list again to continue Please send a message to Gimpo Mayor Jung Ha-Young and the Gimpo City Council members; post on Fb and send a tweet! South Korean government, identify all dogs and cats as companion animals under the law regardless of breed or place of birth, and ban the slaughter of these animals for human consumption! Implement the ban on dog culling in Bangladesh! If not signed yet. Korean government and the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs listen to your dedicated citizens’ and activists’ call to put an end to the cruel dog and cat meat trade!   HRes401. Retweets, against shooting more Kangaroos; cosponsor HRes401 Aeroflot, stop accepting any further monkey shipments, and recommit to ending the transportation of primates to research facilities! The USFWS has re-opened their Red Wolf comment period for two weeks, until August 28. Please send in unique comments calling on USFWS to adopt Alternative #2 instead of their current preferred alternative, #3, a horrid proposal! UK Government, Commit to Ending All Experiments on Animals! Protest! Air India has resumed transporting animals for use in painful laboratory experiments. In these experiments, animals may be cut up, poisoned, killed or abused in other ways!  US-info. Defend the Endangered Species Act!
Governor Inslee, take swift and bold action for the health of orcas, salmon and waters of the Northwest B&Q and Homebase: Stop selling Roundup Tell Trump & the State Dept: KXL will never be built Indonesia, Stop eating Cat meat! Spain. No to the Fox hunt starting on September 1 in Galicia! Cargo the Dog Was Raped, Beaten and Abandoned - Demand Justice! Two Dead Animals in One Day! It's Time to End the Mount Isa Mines Rodeo in Australia! Don't Let Orcas Be Dammed to Extinction - It's Time to Breach the Snake River Dams! This Town, Belleaire, Florida, Could Kick 400 Endangered Turtle Eggs Off Their Private Beach! If You Want to Fix California's Wildfire Problem, Start With Climate Change, Not Our Water Supply Say "no" to Trump's expensive coal and nuclear bailout
                                                     ==========   News and more  =========  China. First click on the Upper Box at your RIGHT!  Vote for Nr 1 and now Nr 2  !  Nr. 1: NPC deputies suggested that legislation strictly defines and punishes the abuse of animals. Now circa 1472050 votes.
Nr. 2:  NPC deputy Zhu Lieyu: The abuse of animals has become increasingly fierce. Suggested punishment. Circa 1471924 votes now. Every 24 hours-------  Changed, please vote for NR 2, SECOND PAGE! China. Takes a while. Drag it up while clicking on the red hand or grey lining, to the SECOND page! Vote for Nr. 2 ! , now circa 2667725 votes. Zhu Lieyu: Maltreatment of animals recommended for penalties for public security administration . Every 24 hours   --------------

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