Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Chinese protest letter to send (Yulin) China, May 2018

From:  http://koreandogs.org/yulin/

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Subject: 中国,2018年5月

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作为一名全球公民,了解到玉林狗肉节每年遇害, 无助的狗和猫群所遭遇的残酷和痛苦, 不惜感到震惊与无奈。虽然YouTube所上载的影片不容易光看,但描述以证实了所有对狗儿们的残酷与暴力。


尽管对吃任何动物的感受如何,无论是住在何处, 没有一个正常的人会有任何合理的说词来辩解任何动物所遭受的折磨与残暴的对待。

狗和猫在农民,贸易商和屠夫的手中遭受难以言语的恐怖 - 殴打,火烧,活活烫煮, 以及活活砍断手脚等。

并不是所有这些动物都被“养殖” - 有许多的狗和猫是有主人疼爱的宠物,确被人偷去并做为食物。


直到榆林和中国政府官员开始合法,积极的管制,制定和执行动物保护法, 我和全世界的数万名支持者会继续抗议玉林节以及中国的狗和猫肉习俗。

我相信中国能打造一个先进和富有同情心的社会, 成为令人敬佩的榜样。




China’s rich cultural and traditional history spans thousands of years.

Moreover, as a result of China’s economic and social development, China is becoming a super economic power and citizens enjoy a high standard of living.

However, achieving great success is taking great responsibility.

As a global citizen, he was shocked and helpless when he learned that the Yulin Dog Meat Festival was killed every year, the helpless dogs and cats suffered cruelty and pain. Although the videos uploaded by YouTube were not easy to read, the description confirmed all the cruelty and violence against the dogs.

Despite what it feels like to eat any animal, no matter where it lives, no normal person would have any reasonable arguments to justify the torture and cruel treatment that any animal suffered.
Dogs and cats suffered terrible terror in the hands of farmers, traders and butchers - beaten, burned, boiled alive, and cut off their hands and feet.
Not all of these animals are "bred" - there are many dogs and cats that are pets that their owners love. They are stolen and eaten as food.
China’s efforts to establish a noble, modern image have been smeared by Yulin Festival and ancient dog and cat meat customs.
Until Yulin and Chinese government officials began to legalize and actively regulate and formulate and implement animal protection laws, tens of thousands of supporters from around the world and I will continue to protest the Yulin Festival and Chinese dog and cat meat customs.
I believe that China can create an advanced and compassionate society and become an admirable example.
I only hope that China will take that first step.


  1. Looks like emailing using a Gmail account will be rejected by a number of Chinese email accounts/providers as is the case if using a national provider ....

  2. Practically all messages sent by Gmail were 'delayed'/rejected ! No problems while sending them using Hotmail !