Friday, April 29, 2016

Petitions and More, April 29  New Jersey, Arizona, Missouri-info. Help Close Puppy Mills! ZIP=5 digits. Release substantial numbers of Mexican gray wolves this year and next - their survival depends on it! Once more. Select recipient. Urge Montana to Implement Wildlife Crossings on Dangerous Highway Near Yellowstone National Park! France. Collonge sous Salève. Requesting prison-time for the severe mistreatment and neglect of 78 petdogs! Confirm please Urge RACS to stop mutilating and killing live animals in EMST courses and to switch to advanced human simulators instead!  Ask Tibetan officials to stop KFC from setting up shops in their country! ZIP=5 digits.  U.S. Senate: Stop the right-wing’s assault on America’s coastal national parks! Newmont Mining: Drop your lawsuit against Máxima Acuña! Tweetstorm, PalmOil Actions AU-info. Animal Welfare!  Reject any and all attempts to give away, sell, transfer or otherwise abuse our public lands heritage! US-info. Urge the FDA to restrict the use of the term natural for the benefit of consumers and animals! US-info. Once more. Don't let Congress silence you and clear-cut millions of acres of our forests! Organic agriculture preserves biodiversity, improves soil health and saves energy – all the while saving American farmland from getting buried under tons of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers   Login to Facebook first  Ingresa, login first. Peticiones. Choose your language. After signing, go back to 'Petitions', scroll down for the other Petitions Russia. Novocherkassk. Ban mass destruction of stray animals by law! Solve this in a humane way, establish a shelter, an animal home, and redirect the funds allocated to homeless animal 'management' towards sterilization programs for these animals by veterinary clinics! Russia. Prohibit the purchase and sale of natural fur! Russia. Moscow.  Punish those responsible for the mass death of hundreds of animals at the shelter Bano "ECO" 04/28/2016! Russia. Moscow region.  Justice for the mass deaths of dogs in the shelter Veshnyaki, Bano IVF! Russia. Improve the conditions of detention in Sukhumi monkey nursery! Russia. Novgorod Region. Create a municipal animal shelter in Veliky Novgorod; volunteers don't have enough budget for a building Russia. Tsukanov area. Allow the cats of Baba Masha, who died, to live in the same neighbourhood (to be cared for) Kiev city adm.. Protect stray animals in Ukraine, stop the poisoning and improve the living conditions in the shelters Kazakhstan. Urgently investigate and take action against the Administration of SCCE "Almaty Zoo" for illegal demolition of trees, destruction of 6 snow leopards and other animals,  neglect of official duties, cruelty to animals, severe neglect of tigress Kuralaj, destruction and misappropriation of entrusted public property! Kazakhstan. Almaty zoo. This tiger is dying also under 'leadership' of Karimov Argentina.  Chivilcoy. Requesting commitment towards stray animals, now disappearing "mysteriously" from the streets! Give them shelter, medical care, let them be adopted! Russia. Prohibit the sale and use of fireworks in Yekaterinburg Germany. Against a general prohibition of horse drawn carriages in Berlin; introduce minimum standards in the care of the horses for traveling times above or below 2 hours, and limit access to the downtown area! End the Yulin Dog Meat Festival! Needs many more signatures!  Colorado Legislature, Ban The Sale of Ivory and Rhino Horns To Protect Endangered Wildlife! Connecticut Legislature, Ban The Sale of Ivory and Rhino Horns To Protect Endangered Wildlife! Illinois Legislature, Ban The Sale of Ivory and Rhino Horns To Protect Endangered Wildlife! Arkansas Legislature, Ban The Sale of Ivory and Rhino Horns To Protect Endangered Wildlife! Delaware Legislature, Ban The Sale of Ivory and Rhino Horns To Protect Endangered Wildlife! Kuala Lumpur. Protect the Ampang and Cheras white Heshan forest as reserves and avoid the development of a high speed road plan Congress: Fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund - Permanently!
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