Monday, April 25, 2016

Petitions and More, April 25 Int. I Oppose Nevada's 2017 Predator Management Plan and want the unnecessary killing of mountain lions stopped immediately! Although defeated at this moment, still collecting signatures for the future! Int.  I Oppose HB 0012 and the hunting and trapping of Wyomings mountain lions! Stop The Proposed Panther for Petroleum Program! If passed, the HCP would be nothing more than a License-to-Kill more Florida Panthers! Germany. A legal ban on animal testing with severity "difficult"! France. Customs officers of Algeria. Transfer the confiscated donkeys, held under extremely cruel conditions without food and water in a pen out of sight and away from visitors in the "zoo" of El-Kala (El-Tarf Wilaya), to a shelter! Confirm please Needs more attention.  NYBC, resume your obligation to financially provide for the chimps! Switzerland. No more labels scams! We call for realistic images on meat products! Confirm please   Login to Facebook first   Login to Facebook first  Ingresa, login first. Peticiones. Choose your language. After signing, go back to 'Petitions', scroll down for the other Petitions If not signed yet Stop the Massacre Of Stray Dogs In Morocco, find other solutions! Stop Barbaric Bullfighting, with a dog tied on the back, in Peru, incomprehensible cruelty! Spain. Galicia. Stop the killing of the surviving cows victims of neglect and abuse in Chantada, Lugo!  Russia. Kirov. We demand the most severe punishment for the murderer, Maxim! It is necessary to tighten up the law on animal cruelty! France. 92 Bagneux. Justice for the abused dog thrown from the window 3rd floor! Argentina.  Create shelters for abandoned and abused with animals professional collaboration for care and neutering! Mexico. Let NM Zoo managers resign because of concealment of the death of Elephant Maguie Saint Eustache. Do NOT euthanize 25 well-cared for cats of rescuer Nathalie Doucet; validate her license to keep them (MAPAQ)! Oregon – Move Forward with Animal Cruelty Registry Fully Enforced to Protect Animals SC – Ensure Tougher Protection of Animals through Animal Cruelty Registry Kooples - Stop Selling Any Fur Products Aside From Angora Ban Simons - Ban Sale of Fur Products, Especially Those Made of Angora that Promotes Rabbit Abuse Indonesia: Shut Down "Death Zoo" That Claimed Tiger Rama’s Life & Relocate Animals To Qualified Sanctuaries
          ==========   News and more    ===========  Costa Rican shelter cares for more than 700 dogs!  If not voted yet: Nominated for the best veterinary clinic în Craiova, Romania; please click on the link and after entering your email choose ‘Family Vet’, nr.  9 (Send/Trimite)! Confirm please! Thank You!
Should there be bullfights in San Sebastian? No, votar, please


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