Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Stop issuing permits for further roundup's of Alberta's Wild Horses!
Update:  Canada.

Subject:  To invite Zoocheck onto the Feral Horse Advisory Committee and to NOT issue any permits for the roundup of Alberta's Wild Horses this year!


Minister of Environment and Parks
Shannon Phillips,
Legislature Office
208 Legislature Building
Constituency Office
402 - 8 Street South
Lethbridge, AB

Dear Minister, dear madam, dear sir:

Zoocheck’s 18 month investigation and review of the Alberta government’s assertions that wild horses are overpopulating the landscape and causing ecological damage has found no scientific evidence supporting those claims.

The expert report and other materials were forwarded to your office in December to inform her 2016 capture permit decision-making process. As a result, for the first time in many years there was no cull permitted this spring.

Wild horse populations in other parts of Canada are protected, but Alberta’s wild horses are seemingly being managed toward extinction. They have already been nearly extirpated in the Brazeau Equine Zone due to government sanctioned captures. This kind of politically driven management is dangerous and must not continue.

After the success of the first stage of the campaign of Zoocheck, the next step is to bring some scientific reality to ensure that Alberta develops a scientifically driven management plan that will ensure a strong genetic population of wild horses in Alberta for future generations to enjoy.

Zoocheck has requested a position on the advisory committee to ensure that science informs the process rather than the existing values and often erroneous beliefs of special interest groups that led the previous government to needlessly reduce the number of wild horses. To date, the committee has been dominated by and made up of mostly industry driven user groups and others who want to drastically reduce the number of horses. For this reason it is essential to inject some science, critical thinking and animal welfare perspectives onto the committee.

Therefore I ask you to invite Zoocheck onto the Feral Horse Advisory Committee and to not issue any permits for the roundup of Alberta's wild horses this year.

Sincerely ,

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