Sunday, March 27, 2016

Serbia, Nis, urgent letter to send!


Subject: Stop the massive, unlawfull, gruesome killing of stray dogs in Nis, Serbia!

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Sir, Madam, To whom it may concern,

We strongly condemn  JKP “ Naš Dom” Pozega  for their behaviour  in terms of treatment of abandoned animals!

The Animal Welfare Act in Serbia clearly stipulates that abandoned animals cannot be killed except in exceptional circumstances; they must be housed and CARED FOR in the shelters cq dogpounds!

Yet we learned that JKP “ Naš Dom” is  planning to kill 90% of the dogs that they are going to catch in 2016!

On the news of 16.03.2016, TV station  B92,   JKP “ Naš Dom”  admitted that in 2015 out of 1350 captured dogs, 1280 were killed! ( And NOT by legal euthanisation...!)

We are outraged and appalled by such disrespect of the current law by an institution like JKP “ Naš Dom”  which is governed by the state!
The responsible people of  this institution clearly feel that they’re above the law!
We will be notifying all competent authorities in the EU and beyond and will be looking into taking measures to prevent future illegal slaughter of animals in Serbia!

We also must add that we are aware of current lynching of dogs taking place in the streets in Nis which is almost announced publicly as a form of revenge for the attack carried out on an elderly woman by a pack of dogs.

We are also aware of all the unlawful poisonings and killings of animals which are happening in Serbia  because the  institutions, governed by the state, assigned to deal with the problem,  are NOT following the laws and therefore are failing to deal with the problem, as well as NOT dealing with irresponsible owners who not not have their animals sterilized and simply abandon them somewhere.

So far we have pointed out how to humanely solve the problem of abandoned animals and for us it is devastating that Serbia does not actually apply these measures. Measures, which are prescribed by the Law!

We are disgusted with the way the law in Serbia is made into a mockery and is NOT applied!
We will be taking all measures in our power to stop the planned killing of 1300 animals  by JKP “ Naš Dom” in 2016!


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