Friday, April 12, 2019

Petitions and More, April 12

-- Ulsan Ulju-gun, South Korea, Shut down the illegal dog meat farms, slaughterhouses, markets and restaurants!  Send an email, or e-petition, tweet, and/or post on Fb where possible (or use ‘message’)
-- Send a letter please, for the cats and dogs of the cruel dog and cat meat trade in Vietnam!
---------------------------------------------- Retweets, S. Korea, accept the amendments, end these atrocities! Retweets.  UK Dog and Cat Meat Ban Campaign: To support international efforts to end the trade, it Must include banning it ourselves!  Call to action, UK Dog and Cat Meat Ban. Your voice is needed in the global movement for a worldwide ban to strengthen our voice abroad. Will the UK set the example (as well) ? Retweets. Please Cosponsor HR961, the SAFE Act against horse slaughter and horse meat consumption, urge House Ag GOP and House Commerce to Markup and Review HR 961 !  Please ask these Reps to cosponsor HR961 against horse slaughter and export for slaughter abroad!
--------------------------- Urgent:  Protect ESA Safeguards for Gray Wolves! NYC Fur Ban Bill--Help Pass It Into Law! Send an email and tweet! Urge Damien O’Connor to end all live export to countries that don’t meet New Zealand’s standards! If not signed yet. Demanding a UK import ban on foie gras Needs 200,000 sign. Help cover our planet in ocean sanctuaries, and call on governments to agree a strong Global Ocean Treaty at the UN Stop funding LNG Québec,  protect biodiversity and threatened, vulnerable or endangered species in the LNG Quebec project and critical habitat for beluga whales! Turkey. The Animal Rights Law should be evaluated within the scope of crime, not within the scope of misdemeanor for torture and abuse of animals! Turkey. Unless deterrent penalties are imposed on animal abuse and torture, these attacks that are not according to the teachings under religion, morality, humanity, fairness and logic, will not come to an end! Russia. Saratov against the illegal mass shooting and violent killing of homeless, even sterilized and vaccinated, animals! Russia. City of Abakan, punishment for the dog killers! France. Demanding parliamentary debates on the question of the implementation of evaluation criteria for the acquisition and possession of domestic animals! Spain. Municipality Quinta.  Rescue these 2 Afghan dogs  (6 months ago..) No update Spain. Protest! This sanctuary of birds and marine species, such as whales and dolphins, is to be turned into an oil terminal. Let's save Isla Boná , support the law that declares it to be a wildlife refuge! Spain. Protest! The Board of Communities of Castilla-La Mancha is processing the installation of a pig farm in the municipality of Barajas de Melo France. Stop the looting and destruction of our forests (wood exported to China!) This Company Is Sending Hundreds of Animals to a Cruel Death Brazil.  Demand that the Brazilian authorities support the measures proposed by the #LiberteSeDaCrueldade campaign to ban cosmetic tests on animals and the sale of cosmetics tested in this way! Urge Congress to Protect Animals During Disasters; enact the Providing Responsible Emergency Plans for Animals at Risk of Emerging Disasters (PREPARED) Act (H.R. 1042)! The Scales of around 20,000 Dead Pangolins have just been Seized. Pledge to Help End this Brutality
                                                   ==========   News and more  =========
-    China. First click on the (second) Upper Box at your RIGHT!  Vote for Nr 1 and now Nr 2  !  Nr. 1: NPC deputies suggested that legislation strictly defines and punishes the abuse of animals. Now more than 2910953 votes.
Nr. 2:  NPC deputy Zhu Lieyu: The abuse of animals has become increasingly fierce. Suggested punishment. More than 2910951 votes now. Every 24 hours
-   Changed, Second Page, vote for nr. 1. China. Takes a while. Drag it up while clicking on the red hand or grey lining, to the SECOND page! Vote for Nr. 1, now more than 4110609 votes. Zhu Lieyu: Maltreatment of animals recommended for penalty's for public security administration . Every 24 hours -------------  For Michael Chour’s shelter: the Sound of Animals, Cambodia, all video’s, please subscribe, like and watch as often as possible, it will generate income for the dog's care and food! Just open this link 6 times and let the video’s run at the same time (pc) by clicking on it----   Vote please: Yes, Fur is Cruel! You can vote several times!                                                                                                     

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