Saturday, August 27, 2016

Petitions and More, August 27 Take a Stand for Humane Management of Colorado's Sand Wash Herd! BLM Citizen Advisory Board, Support Humane Wild Horse Management! Mr. Fran Frokaj, Mayor of Lezhe, Albania, vaccination and spay/neuter campaigns of stray dogs is the solution for the problem, keeping them in cages and massive killings are cruel, expensive and useless 'solutions'! Urge Montana to Implement Wildlife Crossings on Dangerous Highway Near Yellowstone National Park! Click on ‘select this recipient’ to sign  And sign the White House petition! To confirm Manatee deaths are becoming more common, coinciding with a new algae bloom in the region because of chemicals released into the water! Deforestation threatens the Gran Chaco Americano. It is the largest sub-tropical dry forest in the world with enormous reserves of water and biodiversity  Ingresa, login first. Peticiones. Choose your language/Espagnol. After signing, go back to 'Petitions', scroll down for the other Petitions Russia. During your 10-day New Year's fun near Irkutsk 1000 dogs were left to die in a horrible concentration camp calling itself a 'shelter' without food or water, at very low temperatures! Russia. Imprisonment for cruel treatment of animals! Russia. We demand tougher penalties for animal cruelty (no excuses)! Russia. Communities VKontakte stop the sadists promoting Dogfighting, promoting cruelty to animals, violating moral norms, laws and regulations!  Russia. To create a country with a working system and strong protection of the rights of domestic and stray animals! Ecuador. Punish those (farmers) poisoning wildlife, abandoned animals and pets on public roads, plazas and parks of Vilcabamba! Russia. Change the inhumane conditions of the animals in the Samara Zoo at Novy-Garden, or relocate these animals to locations with decent standards! Russia. Remove the animals from this location because cruel treatment  and charge the owners Turkey. Protest against the killing of an innocent horse Protest. Brazil is the second largest chinchilla fur exporter in the world Italy. Rome. Re-open the kennel as a place of shelter for animals of the areas affected by the earthquake Mexico City. Article 1: all animals (should) enjoy the rights established by this Constitution, being a fundamental obligation of the authorities to safeguard compliance Otto (Clothing Co.)  remove your advertising spot suggesting that animal lives are worth nothing Russia. Korolev. Stop the construction of the road in Elk Island National Park
           =========    News and more   ==========  Depressing updates on the Profanity Peak Wolves 2014. In 2013, without the Group’s consensus, the Commission unilaterally amended the Plan by adopting a rule that dramatically expanded the circumstances in which wolves can be killed and by whom Nov. 2015. Supporters of this letters are as well  National Wildlife Federation and Audubon.  Explanation


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