Thursday, July 28, 2016

S. Korea, Mayor Young-Rok Yoo, Sister City Gimpo, Glendale CA

Dear Mayor Paula Devine and the City Council members:
We thank you for taking action by contacting Mayor Young-Rok Yoo, of your Sister City, Gimpo, South Korea, by stating your disapproval of any inhumane treatment of those dogs and cats which go into the meat trades in that city; and also for your willingness to learn more about the cultural differences between your two cities.
We are aware of the response that Gimpo gave, but are asking you, once again, to confront them on this issue. The dogs and cats in the meat trades are not raised humanely, as can be seen in various recorded evidence: the animals are raised in a permanently neglected state; they are transported in completely inhumane ways, and then they are brutally slaughtered.
To raise these animals in accordance with modern-day acceptable and humane standards – proper accommodation, food and veterinary treatment, acceptable transportation, and humane slaughtering – would result in a prohibitive sale cost for each animal. These dog farmers are only raising these animals for profit. And, many South Koreans believe that eating these miserable dogs is beneficial for their health – a ludicrous and disproved belief.
Mayor Paula Devine, this is not just a matter of different cultural practices; and we urge you to have another look at the evidence – we urge you to once again contact Mayor Young-Rok Yoo, and to once again ask him to end the brutal dog and cat meat trades being carried out in his city.
We thank you, in advance, for your reply!


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